There are four classrooms at Oak Park. All classrooms use the new Ministry of Education Curriculum called How Does Learning Happen? This new curriculum focuses on the children’s interests and passions. Working with this curriculum requires observation, documentation, creative brain storming, flexibility and patience. Rather than starting with a lesson plan which requires a “hook” to get the children interested, this curriculum starts with the children’s interests. This curriculum also focuses on a sense of belonging, self regulation and using the environment as another teacher.

Oak Park offers yoga classes from September to June twice a month for all the children.


Welcome to the Toddler Room! It is a fun and exciting place to be. This is the youngest age group at Oak Park. The children in this room range from 18-30 months of age. The teacher-child ratio is 1:5, with the maximum amount of children in the room being 10.

The Toddler Room can be full of many “firsts” for the children. It may be your child’s first time away from home and in a social group setting. We want to assure you that this is a safe and stimulating environment. Our wish is that your toddler be as comfortable in the Centre, and with the staff, as they are at home. The toddlers are in a stage of development where they are accomplishing many new milestones: first words, first achievements, and first friends. As the staff, we are there every step along the way as your child grows and develops. Extra hugs and cuddles are what we specialize in! Ultimately the main goal of the Toddler room is to create an atmosphere where children can feel free to be children.


The Junior preschool group is the next step up from the Toddler Room. The youngest preschoolers are in this room. There are 8 children and one staff. We also have the pleasure of having students from Fanshawe College and Oakridge Secondary School in our classroom. The children look forward to seeing and interacting with them and they greatly enhance our program. This is a busy group; we are gaining more independence by learning to do things by ourselves like dressing for outside and getting our shoes on. We also enjoy a wide variety of activities that promote growth. Puzzles, coloring/gluing, small manipulate toys such as connecting toys, peg boards etc., all help promote fine motor skills. House centre and block centre promote creativity, imagination and role playing. We have sorting and matching games to promote thinking and logic. There is also a huge playground where a big climber, bikes and scooters, balls, and lots of space for games help promote gross motor skills. The Junior Room is always a fun room, full of energy, smiles and laughter!


The Intermediate Room is a busy happy room filled with creative fun. The older preschoolers are in this room. We base the curriculum on the children’s interests and set up the environment so they can learn and explore. We embrace the many cultures we have in the classroom by learning words in different languages. Activities include manipulative toys, painting, creative materials, dancing, music, stories and songs and lots of outdoor play.


The Senior Room has the oldest group of children at Oak Park. Oak Park follows How Does Learning Happen? which is the new Ministry of Education Curriculum. Curriculum is planned by following the children’s interests. An example of this is while eating mashed potatoes children may question how mashed potatoes are made, where potatoes grow etc. The RECE would then start a project and plant potatoes together with the children, count the shoots of the potatoes, spell the word potato, draw a potato, sing a song about a potato, play the game Hot Potato etc. In this way the children learn science, numbers, spelling, songs etc. The Senior Room is an exciting place with lots of learning taking place.

Oak Park offers Summer Programs for 4 & 5 year olds. Minimum of 3 weeks required.

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