How a Co-operative Center Works

Every child is special, and we believe in treating every child as an individual, full of potential and wonder. While every child is unique in their experience, background and family dynamics, we appreciate each of those individual characteristics and follow the children’s growth and development in a holistic manner. When the child’s natural play is supported by caring and responsive professionals in positive, developmentally appropriate learning environments, we believe that children will flourish. The child’s innate competence, capacity, curiosity and potential will be maximized.

For parents, co-operatives provide support and community.  It is a place where parents feel accepted, where they can observe their child, and where they can be both play partners and participants in their child’s education.  Oak Park works together with a co-operative Parent Board to maximize the potential of children is the center.  It is a symbiotic relationship that enhances our understanding of the children.

Educators are also learning about your children, from parents and from each other.  Our Educators take part in regular Professional Development to stay up to date with current research on children in the Early Years.  Their role of facilitating quality education for children while networking with parents is the dynamic influence that helps them to enrich their education both professionally and individually.

Educators must be responsive to the needs of the children and their families.  Parents must also be prepared to work collaboratively with the Educators to ensure their child’s needs are being met.  Collectively and cooperatively, both parents and Educators must respond to the needs of the children first.  The primary responsibility of parents is to attend two general meetings a year that are held in the evening, and we always welcome volunteers to help us out with family BBQs along with other events.