Our Philosophy and Advantages



Each Child has his or her own story and is respected for who he or she is. Children’s needs come first. Educators are attuned to what children know, and observe and listen to children. We are co-learners, constructing knowledge together.
We will work to develop trusting relationships with your children and to encourage independence in all aspects of their day. There is always time for a smile, a hug, a helping hand. There is an opportunity for individual, small and large group activities, for children to learn to share, work co-operatively, develop language, social, motor and cognitive skills, THROUGH PLAY situations.
It is important that children have choices, and that they feel free to express their feelings and emotions. Our comfortable setting encourages, and allows children to do so. Children become aware of themselves, and the world around themselves, through PLAY.
All staff establish positive relationships with children and their families, and value diversity of all families.
Learning centres are arranged throughout the classrooms for the children to explore freely. Teaching staff set the scene for learning, and are on hand to help children expand their play. This increases their learning in the way toddler and pre-school children learn best.
Children receive a balance of structured and free play activities. As children progress in age, so do their skills and the amount of structured time.

Play for toddler and pre-school children is very unique. It nourishes children’s development. Play increases children’s attention span, builds their vocabulary, develops perseverance, and is the stepping stone in the way children begin to organize ideas, to plan, and to think. All of these are prerequisites for problem solving, feeling good about their accomplishments, reading, writing, counting, etc.
All children at Oak Park have a sense of belonging and well-being and are engaged in activities
Our programs are based on How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years, and the Emergent Curriculum, which is a way of planning curriculum based on the children’s interest and passions.
Our educators take part in at least two professional development sessions a year, and Oak Park provides a membership at Childreach for all our educators. Oak Park has an open door policy and parents are welcome any time of day. Parents are also involved by having a Parent Board of Directors and by attending 2 General Meetings a year and attending a Family BBQ once a year. Oak Park engages community partners such as AKB to support inclusion in our program.
We work to provide a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for your children. Children need to feel good about themselves, and comfortable about their surroundings. Let’s work together to continue making all this possible and more.


Oak Park has a multicultural staff and has children from many different backgrounds. Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu and Tamil are spoken by the staff and children often pick up words from these languages.

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